Choosing a Company: 6 Questions to Ask Light Installers

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Utilizing a lighting company during the holiday season saves you time and makes decorating your home easier. However, the key is to choose a reputable holiday light installer.

Working with an inexperienced company can lead to potential headaches like delays, faulty lighting, scheduling inconsistencies, or lack typical maintenance and upkeep.

Main considerations to make when choosing a company:

  • A company’s reputation
  • If a warranty is offered
  • Are lighting leases available
  • Are there examples of past installations?
  • If the company uses quality products
  • Ease of scheduling and installations

As you look for holiday lighting companies, ask yourself these six questions to influence your decision:

1. Is the Holiday Lighting Company Reputable?

A company with a proven track record is key. An inexperienced installer could make the process more difficult, resulting in miscalculations with the longevity of the equipment or inconsistencies with design and installation.

Be sure to do your research and check if the company:

  • Has good reviews – Review of the company’s online presence. Established companies should have many reviews with positive customer feedback.
  • Has references – Look and ask for references, especially when looking for a commercial installer.
  • Is licensed / bonded / insured – Established companies have proper business licenses and insurance.

2. Is the Display Warrantied for the Season?

What happens if the lights stop working, or strands become loose and sag during the season? If the lights are warrantied, the maintenance of the lights should be secured by the installers. The company will return to fix any issues, and ensure the lights are festive and functioning properly.

Clean and Clear warranties all of the lights installed throughout the season. As a result, we will return for repairs and upkeep when needed.

3. Can the Holiday Lights Be Leased?

Many companies offer leases for their lights. In other words, you pay for installation, and essentially rent the lights for the season. Then, after the holiday season is over, the installer returns to remove and collect the lights.

Benefits of leasing holiday lights include:

  • Not having to worry about storage
  • Avoiding costly replacements every 3-5 years
  • No need to plan or worry about the takedown of the lights at the end of the season

4. Does the Company Use High-Quality Products?

Check to see the types of lighting options the company offers, and research if the products are of a high quality. One of the best options for holiday decorations are LED light strands. LED lights are more efficient, more durable, and are easier to customize to your home.

It’s also important to know if multiple color options are available and if there are varying bulb sizes.

In addition, it’s helpful to know the company’s process for hanging lights, and what products they used to affix the lights to your home. Holiday light clips like TuffClips are commonly used. Avoid a company that solely uses nails or staples as this could lead to damaging of your home’s siding and roof.

5. Are Examples of Installations Readily Available?

Quality holiday lighting companies will provide examples of installations on their website or social media pages. Look over their work as this will give you an idea of the company’s design styles, and if they’d be suitable for your home.

Generally, when you hire a holiday light company, they will come to your home for a design consultation. They’ll learn and discuss with you what you want done, offer suggestions if you’re unsure on design/setup, and begin the planning process for the installation. They will then customize the display to meet your needs in a way that will suit you home the best.

6. How Does Scheduling Work?

The scheduling process should be transparent and efficient. A few questions to ask:

  • How are quotes for installations calculated?
  • Do I need to be present for the duration of the installation?
  • When will the lights be installed and when will take-down happen?


Established and highly rated companies make this process easy. They make it possible to book a consultation online, and can return with a quote or answer in a timely manner.

Work with a Minneapolis – St. Paul’s top-rated holiday light installation company. Schedule service with Clean and Clear today to learn more!

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