Holiday Lights: To Lease or Not To Lease

Christmas Light Installation & Leasing in Twin Cities, MN

When interested in having holiday lights professionally installed, chances are one may not know that you are leasing the lights for the season. The alternative to the leasing option would be purchase and install your own lights every winter.

Leasing a holiday light display may be a completely new concept to some of our customers, so you likely have questions like:

  • What is holiday light leasing?
  • What are the benefits of leasing?
  • How does the lease work?
  • Why might I want to purchase my own lights?

Clean and Clear offers full-service holiday lighting installation in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about holiday lighting leases, as well as the key benefits of leasing holiday lights as opposed to purchasing them.

What Is Holiday Light Leasing?

Professional holiday light installers don’t rely on standard light strands that are widely sold in Big Box stores. The majority create custom displays with LED light strands. These strands can be augmented to specifically fit your home perfectly.

Instead of buying the lights outright, they are installed on your home and leased for the season. Essentially, you are renting the lights and paying a small fee to display them throughout the season. A holiday light lease is similar to a vehicle or apartment lease; you purchase for the use of the lights for a predetermined amount of time, and at the end of the lease period, you may either renew, return the equipment, or even, purchase the lights.

Benefits of Holiday Lighting Leases

Installing holiday lights on your home or business is a time-consuming process. Typically beginning with planning your display and gathering the lights, checking to see if they work, and then tedious hours on a ladder hanging them.

A clear and major benefit of a holiday display lease then is the ability to avoid all of the logistics of installing lights. Benefits of a light lease include:

  • Season Warranty – If you purchase lights, you’re responsible if a bulb goes out or a strand malfunctions. Leased lights are protected by a seasonal warranty. Therefore, if something breaks or the lights start to sag, the installer is responsible for fixing the problem.
  • Customizable Display – When leasing lights, you can change your display and/or the color of bulbs each year without needing to buy additional lights. This saves on cost and allows flexibility year over year.
  • Lower Costs – Leasing holiday lights saves you on maintenance, energy costs (energy-efficient LED lights are available for lease), and you don’t have to invest in new lights every 3-5 years.
  • Better Fit – Leased lights are tailored to properly fit your home. There are fewer exposed plugs and electrical equipment.
  • No Storage – After the season, the lights are returned to the installer. You are not burdened with the worry of the lights taking up a corner of the garage or space in the attic.
  • Put Up / Take Down – Leased lights are typically a package deal that includes installation and take down.

Ultimately, a holiday light lease saves you a significant amount of time and can also help lower the costs of displaying lights on your home long-term.

Why Might You Purchase Holiday Lights?

Many families love the tradition of decorating their homes each holiday season and prefer to purchase lights that they can display year after year. The pros of purchasing holiday lights include:

  • Higher upfront costs / lower costs long-term
  • Own the lights outright
  • Ability to use lights any time of year (e.g. summer backyard ambiance)
  • Leave the lights up all year-round
  • Prefer traditional bulbed light strands

Does Clean and Clear Offer Purchase or Lease Options for Holiday Lights?

Our company primarily offers leasing options for holiday lights.

Leasing Holiday lights is the most common method of decorating homes in Minneapolis and the suburbs, and there are many reasons why it is preferred to purchasing.

This includes the following:

  • Many companies will not offer the installation of lights provided by other companies. This essentially forces homeowners to continue working with the company that sold them the lights. If the company should go out of business or raise its prices, homeowners often end up owning material that is unusable for other installers.
  • With leasing, you never have to worry about damaged product year over year and the costs associated with maintaining a display.
  • November and December are busy times for homeowners. Leasing removes all of the hassle involved with installing lights

All of the holiday displays we install in the Minneapolis area are created with customizable lights that are tailored to your home or commercial property.

We maintain and warranty the lights for the season, install and take-down the lights, and store the lights for the season. Bottom line, we can help make your home festive and bright this year while saving you time and money!

Contact Clean and Clear today for updated rates for the holiday lighting season. We’re happy to provide rates and an estimate for your home or property!

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