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Not only does a professional holiday light installation save you time and energy, but, most importantly, it will keep you from spending an afternoon atop a ladder in the cold.

Now, just how much does professional Holiday light installation cost? On average, the cost for a service of this kind starts around $500. This total will include installation, leasing of the equipment, and take-down at the end of the season.

Important factors that influence the installation price:

● Size of the home

● Type of equipment required for the job (Specialized or Traditional)

● Desired display for the install

In this short guide, we look to cover average estimates for installation, factors that determine pricing, what’s included within a typical install, and the benefits of a professional installation.

Typical Pricing of Holiday Lighting Installation

To reiterate, the cost of having holiday lights installed can vary based on factors like the complexity of the design, the size of the home or commercial property, the type of lights that are being installed, etc.

A professional holiday lighting display can cost between $500 to $1200. Generally, single-story ranch style homes that will include lights along the rooflines will cost between $500 to $650, while multi-story homes or those that would include exterior lights as well as landscaping lights can cost up to $1000 or more.

The best way to begin to determine the potential price of the install is to simply contact a lighting installation company to receive a more fine-tuned estimate for the specific service you are planning for your home.

Determining the Price

The factor that most determines the installation cost is the size of the property. Single-story homes with simpler designs are typically easier to install, resulting in lower prices. Here’s a breakdown of cost by size of the property:

Single-Story – Displays on typical ranch style homes don’t require as many labor hours to install. Therefore, prices can range between $500 to $800.

Two-Story – Multi-story homes are more laborious and tend to require more ladder work. The average price for a two-story home installation is around $650, with larger displays approaching $1200 or more.

Commercial Properties – Businesses have specialized installation needs, and may require lights installed on 2+ stories or over a longer area. Installations for commercial properties and three-story homes typically begin around $750.

Complexity of the display, the length of lighting needed, and whether lights will be installed on landscaping as well as the home, will also determine pricing.

What’s Included in The Price

First, always check with the installer to make sure you have a written quote outlining the exact services covered. Generally, most holiday lighting installation packages will include:

Design – Most installers will help you understand options and provide a display for your home.

Installation – All installation costs, including equipment.

Lease Costs for the Lights – Typically, you’ll pay the installer a price to lease the lights for the season.

Display Removal – Finally, the take-down at the end of the season is also included.

Is a Warranty Included? The best installers will warranty their displays. This means that if the lights are defective, or if the display is damaged in any way during the season, the installer will return to make repairs free of charge

Is Holiday Light Installation Right for You?

Ultimately, there are several benefits of holiday light installation that make it an enticing option for many homeowners and businesses.

Hiring a professional installer will save you time, it will allow you to customize your display every year, and never have to maintain light strands again. The benefits of hiring out a professional install team:

● Client saves time and energy

● No longer need to worry about housing and maintaining decorative holiday lights

● Avoid the expense of buying replacement light strands every 3-5 years

● Achieve professional results, including automatic timers and customize displays

Learn more about our holiday light installation in Minneapolis! Clean and Clear provides custom displays and numerous lighting options for homeowners and businesses in the Twin Cities.

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