Minneapolis Holiday Lighting Installation – Clean and Clear Lighting

Make your Minneapolis home or business sparkle this holiday season, with Christmas lighting installation from Clean and Clear. 

We are your source for full-service designs and installation, and use energy efficient LED lights, automated timers, and roofline clips for clean and efficient designs. Plus, we take the lights down at the end of the season! No more time on ladders. 

We offer the most complete holiday lighting installations in Minneapolis. Call today to request a quote or to learn more about our service.

Our Holiday Lighting Installation Process

Our goal is to make putting up Christmas lights as simple and easy as possible. We do this in five easy steps:

  • Design Consultation – Our team visits your home and provides a free design consult and estimate.
  • Custom Display – We design a custom display for your property, and offer a range of options – from roofline lighting, to landscaping and more.
  • LED Lights Installed – We install cut-to-order LED light ropes on your home. And lease you those lights for the season. No need to buy or store light strands ever again!
  • Season Warranty – We warranty the lights for the season, ensuring they work and look great.
  • Take Down – Our team takes down your lights and takes them with us. No need for hours on a ladder!

If you’re looking for Christmas lights in Minneapolis, Clean and Clear can help!


About Our LED Lights

We provide custom-cut LED light ropes for all of our installations. Lights are available in many colors, as well as multi-color. And we lease lights to our customers for the season. 

Our LED light ropes are: 

  • Energy Efficient – LED is 3-4 times as energy efficient as traditional holiday lighting strands. 
  • Custom Fitted to Your Home – We cut light strands to fit your home like a glove. The result: No excess lights hanging. 
  • Automated – Our professional lighting installers use timers to automate your display. No more remember to turn off and on!
  • Safely Installed – We use gutter clips to safely install your lights without leaving a trace.



Request a Free Estimate for Your Minneapolis Holiday Lighting Installation

Call now to learn more or request your free consultation. We offer free estimates and can help you plan and design a custom display for your home. Book now to secure your spot! Our friendly team is happy to help.

We offer installations for all areas of Minneapolis.