Outdoor Holiday / Christmas Tree Wrapping & Lighting Services

Professional Outdoor Holiday / Christmas Tree Wrapping & Lighting Services in Minnesota

In addition to installing lights on homes, Clean and Clear also offers light installation for trees, bushes, shrubs, planters, and other greenery.

We typically will classify each type as a tree or a bush. The following describes how we generally install lights on these.

Bushes –

We will generally use mini-lights when wrapping bushes. We are able to stagger the lights to provide a nice depth. We prefer to use individual mini-lights as opposed to net lighting as it tends to look more natural and more of a “premium” install.



Trees –

There are three main types of tree wraps.
• An Outside Wrap
• An Inside Branch Wrap
• A Truck Wrap

Outside Wrap

For outside branch wraps, we will either use mini-lights or C9 bulbs.

Mini-lights are a great option for trees smaller than 20 feet.

Mini-lights provide smaller lights that are more tightly spaced together. As trees get larger though, it tends to show pre-existing uneven gaps between tree branches (due to natural growth).

The photos below is are two examples of an outside tree wrap that utilizes mini-lights installation.



Larger C9s work well for trees larger than 20 feet and/or are quite wide in the branches. C9’s provide a “fuller” look for these larger trees.

A few examples are shown below:-



Inside Branch Wrap –

An inside branch wrap is similar to trunk wrap (see below) with the exception that it continues up into the branches farther. Inside branch wraps can either include select branches to follow up and/or up to certain heights or, can also include wrapping every branch on the tree to it’s farthest most points.



Trunk Wrap –

While all inside branch wraps and outside wraps will naturally include a trunk wrap, we are able to wrap the trunk as a standalone option. We use mini-lights when installing lights for trunks.



Planters –

Some of our customers will place outdoor planters by their front doors and/or walkways. We are able to install mini-lights on these which provide a nice welcoming for guests. Because of their smaller size, it also provides a nice “accent” to a roofline.


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