Putting up Christmas lights is stressful and time-consuming. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be, thanks to professional Christmas light installation.

Install a bright, festive light display home or business with Clean and Clear Lighting. We specialize in installing Christmas lights in Chaska. Our team manages every aspect – from creating a custom design, to installation and take-down.

Call now to book a spot (our schedule fills up quick!) and get a free estimate for your custom Christmas light display.

Our Unique Approach to Christmas Light Installations

We understand that every property has distinct requirements when it comes to Christmas lighting. That’s why we ensure that each display we create is entirely customized to suit the property’s unique features.

Here’s how we bring holiday lighting displays to life in Chaska:

  • Design Consultation & Estimate: We personally visit your property and craft a tailor-made design. Our offerings encompass landscape lighting, shrubbery lighting, roofline lights, and so much more.
  • Custom Display: Approve the custom design. Once you give your green light, we’ll return to expertly install Christmas lights on your home.
  • LED Light Installation: Our team of seasoned Christmas light installers is fully bonded and insured. We employ cut-to-fit LED lights to create a display that perfectly fits your home.
  • Season-Long Maintenance: We back your display with a season-long warranty, and we’ll be on hand to address any issues that may arise. Whether lights fall down or lights aren’t working, we’ll take care of it for you.
  • Take Down: After the New Year arrives, our dedicated team will efficiently take down the lights and safely store them during the offseason.

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    Custom Christmas Lights in Chaska

    At Clean and Clear Lighting, we are firm advocates of LED Christmas lights for a variety of reasons, ranging from their ease of maintenance to energy savings. This is why we exclusively use them in our displays.

    Our LED light strands come in a plethora of colors, and we lease these lights to our customers for the season, eliminating the need for storage or maintenance hassles. Plus, leasing Christmas lights means you can change your display season after season.

    Here’s why our LED lights are an excellent choice:
    • Environmentally Friendly: Reduce your energy costs by up to 3-4 times, while contributing to a more sustainable environment.
    • Automated: We install our lights with automatic on/off timers to ensure that you never have to worry about accidentally leaving your lights on.
    • Cut-to-Fit: Each strand is cut to fit, and we only use as many lights as we need. That means no excess cables or unsightly extension cords.
    • Color Options: Our LED strands are available in a wide spectrum of colors, from classic white to vibrant rainbow hues. Some top choices include: Candy Cane (red and white), blue, cool white, and multi-color.
    • Safely Installed: You can rest assured that we won’t use nails, staples, or adhesives that could damage your home. Our installation is accomplished using TuffClips, leaving no trace behind.
    • Leased to You: Lease the lights for the season and enjoy the freedom to choose a fresh display every holiday season, all while eliminating the need to store the lights.

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