Illuminate your Burnsville home this holiday season with a unique lighting display installed Clean and Clear Lighting. We’re your trusted destination for all-in-one Christmas lighting installations.

Holiday decorating has never been this stress-free! Clean and Clear Lighting handles every aspect, from designing your display to installing energy-efficient LED Christmas lights, maintaining them throughout the season, and ensuring a hassle-free removal process after the New Year.

Contact Clean and Clear Lighting today to explore our holiday lighting installation options. Call now to secure your free estimate – book early, our calendar fills up fast.

How We Install Christmas Lights

Clean and Clear Lighting has a wealth of experience when it comes to installing holiday lights in Burnsville. We provide services for both residential and commercial properties, and our efficient, streamlined process is designed with your convenience in mind.

Here’s how it works:

  • Design Consultation: Reach out to the Clean and Clear team for an on-site consultation. We’ll assist you in crafting a Christmas light design that complements your home or business.
  • Custom Display Plan: Our expert team develops a customized plan for your home. Once you approve it, we’ll be ready to bring it to life.
  • LED Light Installation: We meticulously install cut-to-fit LED light strands at your home. Lease them for the season, and say goodbye to the hassles of storing lights.
  • Seasonal Maintenance: If any issues crop up with your display, we’ll promptly address them. Your display is fully under warranty throughout the entire season.
  • Light Removal: After the New Year begins, we’ll efficiently remove the lights from your home, ensuring a seamless transition.

In essence, we’ve made it easier than ever to make your home or business stand out.

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    LED Holiday Lights in Burnsville

    Clean and Clear Lighting exclusively installs top-tier holiday lighting products, including LED Christmas light strands.

    Our customers lease these lights for the season, and they come with an array of benefits:
    • High Efficiency: LED Christmas lights are 3-4 times more energy-efficient than traditional X-mas lights.
    • Numerous Options: We offer dozens of color options, as well as two sizes (C9 and mini LEDs), allowing you to create a display that you’ll love!
    • Cut to Fit: We use customizable, cut-to-order LED light strands to perfectly fit your property. This eliminates the need for unsightly extension cords.
    • Automated: Our installations include automated on/off light timers to make your display hassle-free.
    • Light Leasing: Lease your lights for the season, eliminating the need for off-season storage or purchasing new lights.
    • Safely Installed: We avoid nails, staples, or sticky hooks and use clips that leave no trace. Get your lights installed with TuffClips.

    Shine Bright This Holiday Season!

    This Christmas, make your Burnsville home or business shine brighter than ever with a professionally crafted holiday light display.

    Book your holiday lighting installation in Burnsville today with Clean and Clear Lighting. Don’t wait! Our schedule fills up fast during the holiday season. Secure a spot now and get your quote.