Elevate your home or commercial property this holiday season with a personalized lighting display from Clean and Clear Lighting. Our expertise shines in complete holiday lighting installations in Apple Valley, MN.

Say goodbye to the stress of handling Christmas lights – our seamless process takes care of it all. From the initial design to installation, maintenance, and after-the-holidays light removal, we manage every detail, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit.

Reach out today to schedule your design consultation with Clean and Clear Lighting. Request your quote today!

Our Approach: The Clean and Clear Process

We’ve simplified holiday decorating for homeowners. Our dedicated team handles every facet of the process. Relax and leave the work to us.

When it comes to installing Christmas lights in Apple Valley, we employ a meticulous five-step process:

  • Design Consultation: Our team visits your residence or business to create a detailed lighting design that suits your preferences. From landscape lighting to roof Christmas lights, we’ve got it all.
  • Custom Display: Review and approve your design, and we’ll be back to make it a reality.
  • Installation: Our team of professional Christmas light installers carefully hangs your lights. We use efficient LED lights that will maximize your energy savings!
  • Maintenance: We provide a seasonal warranty for your display. If any issues arise, rest assured, we’ll promptly address them.
  • Take Down: As the New Year dawns, we’ll return to remove your lights. No storage worries – simply lease them for the season.

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    Discover Our LED Holiday Lights

    At Clean and Clear, we offer a distinctive approach to Christmas light installations in Apple Valley. We exclusively use custom LED light strips, which are cut-to-fit to perfectly fit your home.

    Another benefit: We lease the lights we install. You pay only to use the lights for the season – we worry about take down, storage and maintenance costs!
    Here’s what you can expect from our holiday light options:

    • A Plethora of Color Choices: Select your favorite color scheme to match your holiday vision.
    • Exceptional Efficiency: Reduce energy expenses by 3-4 times compared to traditional bulbs.
    • Custom-Cut Fit: We tailor the light strands to fit your property seamlessly, eliminating the eyesore of hanging extension cords.
    • Leased for Your Convenience: No need to invest in new lights or clutter your space with bulky strands. Choose a different color every season or holiday!
    • Safety First: We forgo staples or nails, opting for easy-to-remove clips to safeguard your home. And we use auto timers, so you don’t have to worry about turning them on or off!

    Brighten Your Holidays with a Radiant Light Show!

    This holiday season, be the talk of Apple Valley with a breathtaking home holiday light display! Let us craft a luminous masterpiece that spreads joy and cheer to all who pass by.

    Request your quote now and let the festivities begin! Don’t delay – Booking service early will get your home or business on the list.