How to Install Christmas Lights Fast: 5 Time-Saving Tips

Christmas Holiday Lighting Installation MN

Putting up Christmas lights is one task that many homeowners dread during the holidays. That makes sense. It’s a potentially time-consuming chore that can chew into your free time on the weekends, and if you’ll be hanging lights on your roofline, it can be back-breaking work.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to hang Christmas lights quickly? Or maybe you want to know the what’s the easiest way to install Christmas lights?

We wanted to share some of our tips and secrets. As professional holiday light installers, we’ve spent a lot of time up the ladder hanging lights around the Twin Cities, and we’ve gathered some time-saving tips that can help you do it faster with less hassle.

1. Perform a Pre-Check

Before you drag your ladder out the garage, there are a few steps you can take can make the process run more smoothly:

  • Check your lights – Make sure all the lights are functioning properly. Plug them in and test. Replace any burnt-out bulbs.
  • Measure your run – Get an idea of how much lighting you will need. You never want to get up on the ladder and realize you don’t have enough lights to do the job.
  • Plan for power – Have a plan for getting power to your lights and know the distance between your outlets.

2. Install Gutter Clips

Gutter clips can help you save time in two ways. First, you won’t have to bother with staples or nails, which, in addition to being unsafe and potentially damaging to your home’s exterior, can also be time consuming to install. Second, gutter clips are designed for long-term use. You can install them once, and leave them on year-round. After the first season, you’ll be saving yourself quite a bit of time.

3. Have a Helper

Two sets of hands are better than one! That’s especially true when it comes to putting up holiday lights. A helper on the ground will save you countless trips down and up the ladder, and of course, it’ll add a layer of safety.

4. Consider Alternative Lighting

If you don’t have the time to hang roofline lights, there are plenty of alternatives that can make your home cheery and bright during the holidays. A few include:

  • Projectors – An easy Christmas lighting solution that will transform your home into a showy display each night.
  • Decorate your entry – A bright and cheery front entry is always welcoming during the holidays, and you can put it together in a fraction of the time.
  • Deck the landscaping – Trees and shrubs are usually a lot easier to decorate, but they still look great. 

5. Use a PVC Guide

If you’re mechanically inclined, one option for hanging along the roofline is using a stretch of half-inch PVC pipe as a guide. Essentially, you wrap the lights around the PVC and then connect the pipe to the fascia board. This is definitely a time-saver if you have tall peaks. The only thing you need to do is install a hook at the top, which holds the pipe in place, as well as some hooks along either side.

Conclusion: One Final Time-Saving Tip

One of the fastest and easiest ways to put up Christmas lights: Hire a professional. When you hire a professional, you don’t have to worry about putting them up, taking them down, or maintaining a sagging line or burnt out bulb during the season. That’s all taken care of.

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